Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Sad News....

We have had so many exciting opportunities this week with our dad and with the contest from interviews, to T.V. appearances, to him being honored at the RSL game last night. We are so grateful for the memories we've made and the moments we've had. Dealing with cancer certainly makes us appreciate these moments more.

Along with all of these good things, we've unfortunately had some bad news. In May, our dad had his most recent MRI scan, and there were some concerning areas. My parents had previously planned a trip to Hawaii and weren't sure if they should still go. After talking it over, the Dr. told them it should be fine to wait and ordered two additional scans to be taken when they got back. On Monday, those two scans were taken and the spots have continued to grow. After a lot of discussion with the doctors, it's been decided that surgery is the best option.

So, our dad will be having surgery on Thursday. The doctors said the recovery will be much the same as it was last time and that he can continue to train for Kona. In spite of this setback, we continue to feel optimistic because we've seen what our IronDean is capable of.

This isn't the news that we wanted to hear, but we're so grateful that the doctors found it now and not later. We're grateful that the new spots are still removable. We're confident, hopeful, and faithful that he will have a quick recovery.

The last time our dad woke up from surgery he had a half Ironman to train for. This time when he wakes up from surgery let's give him a full Ironman to train for.

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