The Writers

Kris Bullock {the mom, the rock, the equally-iron other half}

Kris Bullock is the most amazing wife and mother. Wife to Dean for 35 years. And mother to 9 (yes you read that right!) kids! She is also a marathoner, like her husband.  Kris is the most nurturing, charitable, kind, patient, creative, thoughtful, gentle, compassionate, determined person we know. She is always quick to see the positive in every situation, always the first to jump into a conversation and defend someone, and can always find something kind to say no matter the circumstances. To sum it up, she lives her life like the Savior would want her to. She is the best example of a wife, a mom, and a grandma. She is AMAZING. And a perfect match for Dad.

Ryan Bullock {Dean's oldest son, 34} South Jordan, UT

Ryan, Katie, Bailee (10), Tyson (8), Davis (4), Nixon (0)

Ryan is our Attorney. So don't mess with us :) BYU and Gonzaga grad. Anyone who meets Ryan is sure to have a quick friend. He is so reliable, easy to talk to and get along with, and can carry on a conversation about anything... including the lastest Hollywood gossip:) Count on Ryan to be the fastest to respond to your texts and always pick up his phone. He truly knows everything about anything. If you have a question, he will already be informed about it before you have time to ask. (For those of you who know the term Mavin, that's Ryan to a T.) He makes everyone around him feel loved and important. Just like Dean does. As the oldest brother he does such a good job of keeping us all together and focused. He has really stepped up and shined in his role as oldest son and priesthood leader. He gives us an amazing example to follow. What a blessing.

Lindsey Bentley {Dean's oldest daughter and nurturer, 32} Parker, Colorado

Lindsey, Chris, Dirk(8), Coby (6), Olivia (4), Troy (2) and baby Brock (0)...he isn't in this picture :)

Lindsey, our hilarious, keep-you-laughing-and-peeing-your-pants sister. Lindsey is the best entertainer you could ever meet. She is always planning fun things, and making sure we have more food and treats than we know what to do with. She is known for her party skills. She gives the sugar, and then her husband fills our cavities...which is a hard job to keep on top of in the Bullock family! Thank you Chris Bentley DDS and Grandview Dental! Lindsey reminds me a lot of Kris in that she is ALWAYS doing things for others! She is an amazing mother and has earned herself the reputation of knowing everything when it comes to having a new baby and getting off on the right foot. Mom taught her well, and she has shared that expertise with her sisters, cousins, friends, and neighbors whenever they call in tears or don't know what to do. She has a nurturing spirit. You know she will take care of you no matter what. I guess that is why she always has so many visitors at her house in Colorado. Even though she is far away she doesn't escape our practically monthly visits!

Jeff Bullock {Dean's personal accountant, 30} South Jordan, UT

Jeff, Kim, Payon (4), Boston (2), Miles (6 months)

Jeff is our accountant. He is also the comidic relief in the family. Wherever Jeff is there is sure to be a joke and everyone in the room smiling. Jeff got all the boys into the triathlon business. He basically suckered Dean into his first Ironman and then he was hooked. Jeff has a very tender and nurturing heart and he is always looking after his siblings. Jeff is just like Dad and his handimaness:) If you ask Jeff to build you a basement, he will do it. If you ask him to make your kid a skate ramp, he will make him a skate park. He is a very hard worker and always goes the extra mile. Also characteristics of Dean :) If you have a few hours ask Jeff about a budget. His eyes will light up and his lips won't stop.

Jordan Duncan {Dean's middle girl, 28} San Antonio, Texas

Jordan, Clint, Emmi (5), Easton (2), Grady (1)

Jordan is also hilarious. And also has a lot of Dean in her... anybody drive with her lately? :) If you need to hear a joke or want to condense any word forsh (for sure) call Jordan. I mean calordan alwever as in "call jordan always and whenever". But seriously Jordan is very charitable, selfless, genuine, thoughtful and fiesty:) Jordan does not put up with bologna :) She is as loyal as they come and will stick by your side in any situation. And did we say she can dance?! Poor Jordan is married to a doctor so good ol' Clint gets calls from everybody ALL the time about randomness. What a sport. And if money is a sign of love, Jordan is definitely Dad's favorite. Whether she was in Cedar City, Utah, Hershey, Pennsylvania, or San Antonio, Texas Dad has never scrimped to make the frequent "work" trips to visit.

Whitney Nielson {Dean's baby girl, 26} Mom & Dad's basement apartment

Whitney, Chris, Jack (2), Cole (0)

Whitney, our Goodie Two-Shoe. (I have no idea if that is spelled or referenced correctly?) She is basically a mini saint. Kinda like her husband...seriously though. Whitney, like many of her siblings, has a very tender heart and hates to see any sort of discontent. Whitney is quick to say a kind word and see the good side of everyone. She has always had an amazing testimony and would drop anything for anyone when they need her. She is so easy to talk to and has become very quick whitted thanks to her hubby Chris. She is also mini Kris, in that she always has a water bottle and a book in hand. She is our librarian, our sweet and always smiling sister. She is Dad's little Whitty Bug.

Greg Bullock {Dean's computer technician, 24} The Cove - Country Park that is

Greg and Lexi {the newlyweds of the family}

So they aren't super newlyweds but out of everybody else they are :) Greg is our CRAZY, and I mean Kah-Ra-Zee, brother. But crazy in a good, keep us having fun and spontaneous brother. He is always willing to try something new, dangerous, adventurous, etc. You know Greg will always be up for something new and daring. Greg always has a fun energy and is willing to help out in any situation. Whether it's helping with a grandkid, dropping off a car to someone, picking someone up from the airport, taking someone to an appointment, you name it he is there. (He was at the hospital with my Mom for all but a few hours of our dad's week stay. Night and day. He only left to pick up his sister from the airport and get some food for everyone. Needless to say AMAZING he survived.) He is also amazing at all technology. If you need help on Facebook, Instagram, Iphones, Greg. Or if you decide you want to spend a lot of money on some new technology, Greg can advise you in all the best things out there. Greg also has a very spiritual side. He has an amazing testimony of the Savior and he always seems to have positive outlook on everything.

Sean Bullock {Dean's Italian tour guide :), 22} BYU

Sean has always since he was little had the most kind, tender, soft heart. He is always thinking of others, always kind, always happy, and always up for a little chit-chat. He is the "red" sheep of the family, the only one with flowing luscious auburn locks, so he was the best looking before the haircut but he looks, in his words, "guuud" after too! ;) Like all of his brothers, Sean is such a hard worker and never settles for anything but the best. He is a perfectionist and often way too hard on himself. Sean has an amazing testimony of the gospel and is so good at looking at things from the Savior's perspective. Sean has always been extremly responsible and decides what he wants then finds a way to make it happen. He is smart as I'll get out and can be found teaching Italian 101 at BYU...Ladies, he is available...

Elder Alex Bullock  {Our missionary, 20} Paraguay

Alex has been serving in the Paraguay Ascucion mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since May of 2011. He speaks Spanish and is picking up the local dialect of Guarani quite least from our perspective! In his last letter he told Kris that he has "a pregnancy left":) Just nine months! Alex so far has been an amazing missionary and always has a funny story or two to tell in his weekly e-mail... he always starts off  with an IPF (Interesting Paraguay Fact) which always make us laugh! Alex has always had a goofy sense of humor and is fun to laugh with. He got his relaxed attitude from Dad. We know we are receiving so many extra blessings from his missionary service. He has been able to talk with Dad multiple times but is staying focused on his mission. He helps give us all a little bit of peace knowing how strong he is staying although he is so far away. His peace transfers to us. Mbae shepa Alex!

Dillon Bullock {Dean's baby, 12}

Dillon is the baby and has a tough role to fill. He has to balance being a son, a brother, an uncle, a big kid, a little kid etc...... Dillon loves to stay involved and wants to make sure and be a part of everything. He is also very athletic and can usually be found around the neighborhood playing baseball, shooting hoops, throwing the lacrosse ball, name it, Dillon has a knack for it. All the grandkids love to get wild and play with Dillon. He really admires and looks up to his older brothers and is always looking for a chance to spend more time with them or have a sleepover. He too has a strong testimony and offers some of the most heartfelt, sincere prayers. He shares a special relationship with his Father in Heaven. He is lucky to have so many amazing examples around him.


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