The Story

Let's try bullet points for now....

  • Dean Bullock, aka IronDean, was diagnosed with stage IV glioblasoma multiforme brain cancer.
  • IronDean never gives up.
  • IronDean made it through surgery, a fourth of his brain missing, but not even phased
  • He is working, doing rounds of chemotherapy, and working his fanny off like usual
  • We feel so blessed

If you want to know any initial story deets, go ahead and click  HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Thank you for all of your support!

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Lana said...

My mother just got diagnosed with this same exact type of cancer yesterday. She had the tumor removed last week. It has been such a scary time. I'm excited to follow the blog. My cousin forwarded it to me, not even knowing it was the same type of cancer. Thank you for writing all of this.