Thursday, June 13, 2013

A few happenings....

Last night I was lucky enough to be able to listen in on the special video interview done of my parents by a very talented videographer. We came up with questions we wanted to ask, and I listened as my parents talked about how they met, some of their favorite memories as a family, advice for their children, etc. The insights he shared were 100% Dad, but more than anything it was a reminder of how he has chosen to live his whole life centered around his faith and his family. Everything he does, from work, to Costco bulk shopping, serving voluntarily in Church positions, and Ironman triathlons is meant to help and strengthen his family. He lives for others, something I think everybody should learn to do.Dean R Bullock is an amazing example of selfless, humble, silent service, support and love. We are all lucky to be connected to him.

Love you dad --Sean

Did you know that May is National Brain Cancer month? It is!

And if you are looking for something fun to do on Memorial Day, join Team IronDean for the National Walk to End Brain Cancer @ Liberty Park in SLC! Everyone is invited whether you register or just want to come walk with us!! This will be a great way to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer! Check out all the details below!

 Team IronDean had a great time at the National Brain Cancer 5K on Monday! We meet a lot of people in person. And Dr. Coleman (Dean's doctor) even came out to support the 5K.
Don't forget to vote...first round ends this FRIDAY!!!! wooohooo!

As my parents are finishing up their 9 day trip to Hawaii I was just thinking how lucky I feel to have such awesome siblings. Each of them have taken a turn in helping take care of Dillon {age 13} while my parents have been away.

Seeing everyone rally together to help out reminds me so much of those first days when my Dad was diagnosed. Our Mom was in Colorado with Lindsey and her new baby, until she was able to get a flight home Sean had the very “emotional” role of picking my Dad up from work and rushing him to the Emergency Room. Greg quickly met him there and was able to give him a Priesthood blessing before he was put in an ambulance and moved to a bigger hospital. Ryan and Jeff immediately left work and drove down to Orem to be with him. None of those 4 boys left the hospital for almost 4 whole days. Whitney quickly found a babysitter for her baby and rushed to the hospital as well, and made every sacrifice possible to be there with him. Lindsey flew on an airplane with her 7 day old baby receiving special permission from her pediatrician before the airline allowed her to board with such a small baby. Jordan packed up her 3 children and made the flight from Texas all alone with 2 layovers and an emergency landing in the middle because the plane was out of “fuel”. Dillon willingly helped where he was needed and had the tough role of being shuffled around and tried to understand what was happening. And of course Alex who was on his mission in Paraguay spent half the night on his knees praying.

As I reflect on this I realize there is NOTHING any of us wouldn’t do for our Dad. He has spent his life sacrificing and caring for us and we are happy to do the same for him. In fact we feel blessed to be able to in some small way take care of him. We are hoping we can help him get to Kona and make another memory we will always treasure.

Thank you again for all your support. 2 more days to vote. You guys are awesome!

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