Friday, January 11, 2013

A Gift

Lindsey Here... Aka Linda in i-phone talk... Aka Dean's oldest daughter...
Over the Christmas Break our parents rented out a beach house and every single Bullock {except Alex... we love you Ali....:(} was able to go and spend 7 whole days together. It was
 Every single second of it. Absolutley Priceless. My parents had something special planned each night and we had all sorts of crafts and treats and activities for the kids. So many precious memories were created. There could not have been a more perfect way to spend our Christmas. Together as a Family. We are already looking forward to the next trip!!

One of the evenings all the boys {and Lexi:)} headed out to the BYU Football bowl game. After the kids were put to bed and as we were doing some crafts we started talking about the week and about our Dad and this stupid, ugly, I-hate-your-guts cancer and about how things have changed. And although much was said one thing that just keeps sticking out to me that of course my amazing Mom said was this:

We have been given a gift. We don't know what the cancer will decide to do next and we don't know when it will show it's ugly face again, but we can't think about that. We can't think about the way things used to be or how we wished they would be. We have to remember that our Dad is still here and we have seen many miracles happen in his life and in our lives. We have to make the most of this gift we have been given. Which is the gift of TIME.

I have thought of this over and over and I can't help but agree and think of all the other wonderful   "gifts" that I got to see at the beach house. To name a few.......

The gift of 8 awesome siblings
The gift of 6 perfect in-laws and better halfs to each of my siblings:)
The gift of 2 parents who see the importance in creating memories for their children and grandchildren
The gift of Grandparent night.... babysitting 15 grandkids while the "adults" went out to eat.... not too shabby....
The gift of 17 healthy beautiful perfect Grandkids who absolutly adore each other
The gift of lots of yummy food and dinners and desserts
The gift of no drama {which is a pretty big miracle with 34 people staying in one house!!}
The gift of 9 bathrooms..... enough said....:)
The gift of sweet little babies who everyone wants to make smile and coo
The gift of homemade suckers and frosted sugar cookies
The gift of treasure hunts on the beach and picking new surprises out of Grandmas treasure box
The gift of having an irondean night with our Dad who doesn't like to talk about his cancer a lot, but shared a little with each of us about it one evening
The gift of the Saviors birth and 12 sweet little kids trying to re-enact it with puppets
The gift of laughter and never ending jokes
The gift of IronDean cheers each night
The gift of kids who don't care how warm the water is as long as they can play in it
The gift of family pictures... cause really, who doesn't love throwing 33 people in front of a camera and trying to make them smile?
The gift of a sweet Aunt Michelle always willing to help and love in any way she can
The gift of secret pals and all the Grandkids so excited to serve one another
The gift of perfect weather and a perfect beach to play on
The gift of having a family theme to "GIVE" and the chance to teach our children to be better people
The gift of visiting another temple
The gift of brooms... 17 kids staying on the beach.... yea, definately the gift of brooms
The gift of early morning runs in the sand
The gift of BYU football... and thank goodness they won.... or we would have had some grumpy husbands:)
The gift of ugly sweaters
The gift of competetive dessert competitions
The gift of warm hot tubs to jump into after the cold water in the ocean
The gift of a Dad who continues to be amazing and fight this cancer and who refuses to let it get him down

And just like my Mom said, the most precious GIFT OF TIME. We don't know if it's a little or a lot or how long or how short. But we know we will enjoy and cherish and love
every. single. second. 




W. Nielson said...

Tears, tears, tears. Such a perfect reminder. So many gifts. Love you Linda.

Beth B said...

Awesome. simply awesome.

Jordan said...

That was so good. It made me laugh and cry. We are so blessed! Love you guys

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