About Dean

Everybody might be wondering why we have titled the blog Team Iron Dean.
Well because this brave man is a 3 time Ironman.
Don't know what an Ironman is... oh its just a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride topped off with a 26.2 (marathon) run. He also completed the Boston Marathon multiple times. 
On top of being and Ironman physically. He is a spiritual Ironman. 
He is our family's Iron-Husband and Iron-Dad. 
Unfortunately his Ironman this year will be battling brain cancer. 
But we (and all of you reading this) are his team. As his team we need your prayers and cheering to help him through this.
And like any obstacle or challenge he has had in his life he is going to be our brave Iron Dean! Go Team IRON DEAN!

{picture taken last year, 2011, as he completed and beat his two younger sons in the St. George Ironman}


Andrea said...

He really doesn't look a day older than the day I met him so many years ago! The Hopkinson Family's thoughts and prayers are definitely with all of you at this time!

grammajill said...

Handsome as ever and great competitor my baby brother