Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Temple Blessings}

The picture below was taken last year at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple when Alex recieved his endowments. Everyone was there except Chris {bentley} in Colorado for work, Clint {duncan}in Texas for work, Sean {who was still in Italy on his mission.}, and Dillon {cause he was11}.

Enter Lindsey: So I am totally going to toot my parents horn for a minute {since I am a daughter I can do that right??} So, last year 2011, my parents decided they wanted to take all of their kids ALONE to the temple. They didn't want to just go all at the same time and call it good. No, they took the time to take each couple by themselves then out to dinner afterwards. A little Temple date night with all their children. Even with 9 kids they seem to manage to make us all feel important, loved, special, and needed. I hope I can do that for my kids. So, covering 3 states, and 6 Temples {Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Draper, Salt Lake, Denver, and San Antonio} Everyone had a chance to go on a temple date with Mom and Dad:) And I'm pretty sure that Dad is getting the blessings of all of those temple trips!!!!:)

Side Note #1: For Christmas 2 years ago my Mom gave my Dad a little "coupon book" where each month they would visit a different temple in Utah. They did this with my Aunt Wendy and Uncle Roger. Sometimes they would make a weekend of it and stay at a hotel and find a fun race to run near the temple they were at. And sometimes it was just a day trip, but I think that was such a fun romantic gift my Mom gave to my Dad. And it's the gift that keeps on giving because I think my Dad is recieving the blessings from all of those Temples they visited as well!!!!

Side Note #2: The weekend that my Dad went into surgery Sean recieved a facebook message from a friend that he hadn't seen or talked to since high school. She said that she was at the Jordan River Temple on Saturday Morning {the morning of the surgery} and she was going to put my Dad's name on the prayer roll, and the 2 people in front of her {whom she had no idea who they were} were also putting my Dad's name on the prayer roll. She passed this little message on to Sean on that Saturday of the surgery and it gave us all the chills.
We know that so many of you have added his name again and again to the prayer roll at the temple. Thank you Thank you Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts Thank you. We know that Heavenly Father is answering those prayers. My Dad is almost 2 weeks into Chemo and Radiation and has felt no side effects! None! Amazing! Thank you Temple Blessings!!!!

Below are all the picture's from our Temple Dates with Mom and Dad last year:)


Jordan said...

Love it Linny! Thanks for that. It is fun to see all our pictures. Dad has a lot of different hair lengths. That is funny to see :)

Jennica said...

Love the pics! Such a fun tradition.