Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Katie here. 
I just wanted to hurry and share a sweet story.
Last night I was reading scriptures with the kids. We have only just started so we're in 1st Nephi 3.  I was explaining to them how Nephi had to do a lot of things that if he thought about them seemed impossible.  We were talking about getting the brass plates how Laben could have them killed with 300 guards.  But Nephi knew not to go by what he thought and he went by what Heavnely Father told them.
    Tyson said "I think Grandma Bullock has Nephi in her.  She knows grandpa is going to be okay  because she listens to Heavenly Father." It totally made me bawl.  Even Tyson can see the faith that his grandma has.  I love how my 8 year-old can teach me a lesson.


Alexi Bullock Design said...

Oh my, this is so adorable! I love that Tyson! He is seriously soo so smart! I would not be able to draw scriptural connections to real life when I was 8! Wow! Such a special moment!

Jennica said...

That's SO cute!!!