Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surgery #2..... June 13, 2013

Team IRONDEAN taking over the hospital waiting room! Surgery #2 has begun. The doc started surgery at 9:45 and is expected to take 6 hours from cut to close. They will do two MRIs while in surgery, one right before they start and one once they are done to make sure they've removed all the trouble spots. We've been told this is one of only three hospitals in the USA that have a mobile MRI that they can use during surgery. What a blessing!

Please keep our IRONDEAN in your thoughts and prayers today and cast a vote so he can make it to Kona! Thanks


Post-Op Update! Surgery went just as planned. IronDean is awake, talking and looking great. He's just getting some much needed R&R right now. Keep the prayers and votes coming!!! Thanks for all the support

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