Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kona IronMan

As many of you have probably heard or seen or shared on facebook.... {thank you by the way. so so much}.... We have recently submitted a video in hopes to win our Dad a spot in this year's Kona Hawaii Ironman. Kona is the world championship of the Ironman. You can't just enter it. You must qualify. While our Dad is doing great, he will likely never be able to run as fast, or train as hard as he could before his brain surgery. The chances of him qualifying for Kona on his own are now slim. We are hoping that through this program Kona is offering, he can win a spot.
so don't be shy go

and vote for him!! He continues to be our Hero and show us that Cancer has nothing on him. We want to help him continue to live a full life and fulfill all of his dreams!

SIDENOTE: One night Lexi, Kim, Whitney and I{Lindsey} sat down and filmed the video of our Dad. And I know this will probably sound silly but it was such a sweet and amazing experience. We probably had over 2 hours of video footage and Lexi {who did the amazing video} had to edit it down to 90 seconds!!! But in those 2 hours it was so fun to see our Dad have some "blooper moments" and laugh and actually "talk" about his Cancer. He never talks about it.
Whitney actually filmed the whole thing and I think that someday rewatching that tape will be priceless. It really was so fun and neat to sit down and "interview" him.

So if you haven't voted please please do. There is no one more deserving, inspiring, or hardworking. This is one small thing we can do to help our Dad accomplish another one of his goals.

And again a HUGE ENORMOUS thank you to Lexi for making the video. She is so talented!
Also a HUGE thanks you to the PIANO GUYS for allowing us to use there awesome music for the video!

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Robin Isham said...

you guys are the best, and Lexi you did a great job!!!

We need a "I am a Mormon" ad done for Dean too! That is my vote.