Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Super Secret Spies

Grandpa and Brock taking a nap..

So I {Lindsey} was only able to be here in Utah for a few days after Dad had surgery and then me and Brock flew back home to be with my other kiddos. After I got back to Colorado I found some ways to be a Stalker...I mean very concerned daughter:)

I was on the phone or i-chatting with one of my siblings every hour of every day. No lie. Ask Greg, I think he has black listed me from his phone :)

Whitney made the comment one time that no matter where Dad was in the house he had a pair of eyes watching his every move. Between Jordan {who is still here from Texas} or Whitney who lives in the basement but makes permanent residence upstairs in the daytime.  Sean who only sleeps at his apartment 1 or 2 nights a week. Greg who is living in South Jordan until Lexi gets back from NYC. Ryan and Jeff who stop by daily after work or Mom who is always by his side.... Like Whit said ALWAYS a pair of watchful or SUPER SECRET SPY eyes on him. Here are a few of the things I heard over the last 2 weeks, from said SUPER SECRET SPIES... Some might seem boring but they all make me smile:)

- "Dad ate all 3 meals downstairs" -Jordan

- After eating an Astronaut Surprise Jeff said "I guess a benefit of brain surgery is Dad doesn't get brain freeze anymore:)!" {I still don't know if he was serious?}

- Dad was watching the grandkids swim in the pool outside and Mom brought him some lunch out to him asking if he needed a pop or more chips or anything else... and Kim said it was so cute he said to Mom, "I just need a little more of you" and he grabbed Mom and hugged her:)

- "Dad was at the computer checking his e-mail today!!" -Sean

- "Dad walked to the end of the circle and back" -Ryan

- "Dad looks incredible with his new Nacho Libre mask and is now ready for radiation. -Jeff

- We decided to move on from brain jokes and move to radiation jokes... "Dad looks radiant today" -Jordan

-"Dad hit my hand away when I tried to change the channel!" - Jordan

- "Rumor has it Dad might make an appearance at work tomorrow?" -Ryan

I'm sure you get the point... Most of these SUPER SECRET SPY tidbits are boring but I liked hearing every single one! And my sweet Mother-in-law Kathy flew to Denver to play with my kidlets for the week so me and Brock are back in Utah with Grandpa and there is no need for any SUPER SECRET spying... Until I leave again at least:)


Alexi Bullock Design said...

hahaha radiation jokes? Too soon? Never! I love how funny and clever you all are, especially you, Jordan!! Linds, btw, Greg said the sweetest thing today about you. He said that whenever Lindsey is in town, it's a party! And he totally meant it! I'm sad I'm missing the party and that you go home before I get there! But we will just have to plan another party soon!

The Larsons said...

Such a fun, Lindsey post! :) so glad it worked out for you to be back in Utah again. Enjoy!!!

grammajill said...

Dean has always had that special "glow" about him!
Love ya Deano!

grammajill said...

Well I think Dean has always had a "glow" about him...Love ya Deano!