Monday, July 16, 2012

This Iron Man has an equally amazing other half...


Lindsey Here: So, I just wanted to write a little of my perspective, mostly of our Amazing Mom, and hopefully without invading too much of her personal privacy. 

With that said the "pit in the stomach" started Wednesday morning. Mom was still in Colorado with me and 4 day old Brock and she said she slept horrible because Whitney had texted the night before saying "are you worried about Dad? What is wrong with him?".. Of course Mom called Dad right away and he said he was fine just a bad headache. She tried to make him promise not to work out unless the head ache was gone the next morning. {like Sean said tsk tsk Dad and your 14 mile bike ride Wednesday morning}. 

All Day Wednesday Mom felt that pit. I think that's what happens when you have a relationship like my parents. You know when something is off with your other half.

Sean wrote about everything that happened on Thursday but from my end it went a little like this: Sitting at my kitchen table no longer able to ignore that pit, especially after getting that phone call about Dad in Costco with Sean. So Mom called Greg 6 or 7 times {since he works at my Dad's office and could just jump up and take him} Then when Greg didn't answer called Sean back and said "get Dad to the emergency room." Then she called Jeff who got emotional and Mom was just "it's ok sweetie, I'm sure everything is fine say a prayer, stay calm." Then she called Ryan "Your brothers might need your help in Provo. Thanks for doing everything" Then she got of the phone with Ryan and called Jordan who started bawling as well, "It's ok sweetie I don't want you to worry, you just take care of your kids, and say a prayer for Dad." Then she called Greg "Make sure and give Dad a blessing with Sean as soon as you get there." Then there is me sitting at the kitchen table trying not to let all my tears fall into my Strawberry Almond Salad from Wendy's {it's pretty good btw:)} And Mom makes me get up to give me a big hug telling me, "It's ok, take a deep breath, we got him to the Emergency Room, he is in good hands now.".. And her next thought "We need to call Alex [who is serving a mission in Paraguay] I don't want him to worry, but I want him to be praying and fasting for his Dad."

Always Always every word from my Mom to all of us emotional kids was words of calm and comfort and encouragement.

After an hour or so in the Emergency Room and they found the bleeding on the brain we booked Mom on the next flight available the whole time Mom saying, "I'm so sorry sweetie, Dad needs me and I feel so bad about leaving you and your kids." {like that even mattered} But that's just how Mom is. Never worried about herself always worried about others. Especially her Kids. Even though all of us except Dillon aren't really "kids" anymore:) 

A few hours later after the MRI was done and they found the tumor Mom was still calm and the voice of reason. On the way to the airport I was an emotional wreck, Bright red eyes, tears streaming down my cheeks, but Mom just kept saying "I just feel this sense of peace right in my middle. Heavenly Father will take care of us. Don't worry sweetie, you just take care of new little Brock".

Even when I dropped her off and there are always tears at the Denver Airport drop off {when I am involved:)} Mom was not in tears {like me} she just said still "I feel peace, everything is going to be ok."

I wasn't at the hospital {obviously} when Mom got there around Midnight but Whitney said Mom just came in and took Dad's hand and hugged everyone and they all talked until 4a.m. and when Mom came Whit said she just brought her peace with her. Everyone's tears and fears and worries were all calmed by Mom. 

And that is sort of how the last few days have been.  Before the surgery when Greg gave Mom an amazing blessing, and Jeff gave one to Dad. After the surgery when we didn't get exactly the news we were hoping for Mom broke our fast with an amazing prayer. And these last few days at the hospital just her constant concern for us and Dad. "Let me hold Brock Linds please take care of yourself" "Greg how is Lexi doing {she's in NYC for an internship}". She has slept in the upright chair next to his bed in the ICU every night even though it's against the rules, {we have broke every rule the ICU has} oopsie... She gives him kisses every time he wakes up. She has just been amazing.

Just everything is positive calm peaceful hopeful. Which has always been Mom's way. And yesterday she was rewarded when Dad ripped off all his cords and insisted on taking himself to the bathroom {against nurses orders:)} When he came back out of the bathroom he gave Mom a standing hug {she hasn't had one of those since he left Colorado last Sunday} and then he gave her a back a rub and ended it with a bumb squeeze:) which is totally Dad. He even did it with a sly smile, and I couldn't see Mom's face but I am pretty sure she was doing a little dance inside and loving every single second of it :)

Mom, is beyond amazing. And she is definitely Dad's Iron man equal. They make each other amazing.


Rich said...

Beautiful description of your mom, Lindsay. Your dad couldn't have anyone better beside him.

Rachel said...

Thanks for making me bawl, and laugh a little :). Your mom is SUPER AWESOME!

Cheryl Keith said...

I've always greatly admired your mother. Both Kris and Dean are two of the best people I've ever met. Good luck to all your family, you are in our prayers.

Robin Isham said...

Always in my prayers! You guys are the best. Thanks for the posts

Jennica said...

I echo Rach, bawling and laughing! Way to go Prim! You nailed it.... AK is THE BOMB! We just love her to pieces!!

Stacie (Weidner) Murdock said...

Your family has been in my thoughts all weekend. Dean and Kris are two of the nicest people...I've been so inspired reading all your posts. Best of luck to the Bullocks as you continue this journey.

Alexi Bullock Design said...

Real cool, Lindsey. You seriously made me fight back the tears at work with this one! And you can't cry at Martha Stewart! You have to pull yourself together! Thanks for such a sweet post. It's true, Kris is a saint and I'm so lucky to have her as a mother-in-law and to be apart of the Bullock family.

Jim Hopkinson said...

Greetings from Moscow Russia! Thanks for sharing your story and your thoughts. I am getting emotional as I read what all of you have shared. It has been many years since we shared those great experiences with Bingham Cross Country, but I always felt a great kinship with Dean. My prayers will now join yours as we watch his recovery. With love, Jim

grammajill said...

Your mom did the same for me when I came in blubbering the other day. She is Amazing!!!