Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nursing a Baby...:)

So we know that everyone wants updates on how our Dad is doing. He really is just sleeping sleeping sleeping. The Doctors said the best way for his brain to heal is rest. And since the best way for him to rest is peace and quiet we have been trying to give him as best we can in his little room.

Heres the set-up: The room is pretty long and narrow like a hallway. With Dad at one end next to the window and one small chair. Then down the middle of the room there is probably 10-15 feet of a space that has a bathroom door, a sink, and the doctors computers. At the other end of the room is a small pull-out bed couch and we have managed to bring in 5 or 6 folding chairs so their is room for all of us kids to fit. {It's really hard to stay away}. Let's refer to this end of the room as the "LOFT" although there is nothing loft like about it, it is a little serperated from Dad and we can sit here and whisper but still be in the room for when Dad wakes up and all of us jump up and the questions start. "Hi Dad how are you feeling?" "what can I get you?" "How is your pain level?" "Who is your oldest Grandchild?" "Are you hungry?" "Do you want to order lunch?".......... and on and on........... poor Dad. Just like Ryan said he wakes up and he has 10 sets of eyes staring at him and just dying to do something. But right now his brain is still recovering and I'm sure it is extremely overwhelming. But the Doctors have said he is doing amazing and it is very normal for him to feel a little foggy. And even through all that fog he is still able to answer almost all the questions we throw at him... including all 15 of his Grandkids names {sometimes he needs a little hint... Starts with a B Dad... and ends with an OSTON}.... :)... "oh yea, Boston..." instert cheers here....

One funny story I'm sure Dad will love to hear later, on Sunday night Mom and Greg were sleeping on the twin pull out couch in the "LOFT" and all of a sudden they hear a Thump Bang Bang Ugh..... so they jump up and hurry over to Dad and he has pulled himself out of bed and is ripping something out of his arm and then he hands it over to Greg and marches himself into the bathroom..... Greg looked down and sure enough it was a large needle with a tube at the end. Thinking this cant be good Greg took it out to the nurses station... "Ah, My Dad just ripped this out of his arm and handed it to me...." Greg says the nurses eyes got all big and they asked if he was bleeding a lot... But nope. He was just fine, and apparently he had pulled out one of his IV's  .... I guess Dad was sick of it.

So fast forward 2 hours and Mom and Greg are again jostled awake with a Thump Bang Bang.... So they jump up and run over and again Dad hands greg a needle with a tube attached to the end of it... Apparently he didn't want that one anymore either. These were just two IV lines the Doctors had been using to give meds or incase something was needed quickly. But I guess Dad will just have to swollow pills now:)

And again 2 hours later Dad was up and at em but this time only to go to the bathroom. Luckily there were no more IV's he could rip out of his arms:) And Mom and Greg said it was like that the rest of the night. Every 2 hours he would jump up make a comotion and go to the bathroom. Mom said she felt just like me, up every two hours with a nursing baby:) Only her nursing baby just needed a bathroom break, and apparently last night he already weined himself from every two hours and only had to go twice. :) Lucky Mom, I need to learn her tricks!!

And yesterday morning he got himself up, showered, shaved, took a stroll around the nurses station, posed for pictures and then was wiped out by 10:00:) Although when Whitney and I arrived at 10:30 he did give me a "Hi Lindsey Lu Lu" from the doorway which was awesome!

So there is the update right now he is just getting lots and lots of sleep. Just like my little nursing Baby Brock:)


Alexi Bullock Design said...

I love this! And I love this story even if I have to hear it from you and not my husband, ahem....GREG...haha jk. Seems like he is getting back to normal slowly but surely!

Jennica said...

I know people not even at the hospital are sitting around their phones waiting for a call to help with anything! So many people love you guys and are cheering for you!!