Saturday, July 28, 2012

Missionary Power

Elder Alex Bullock enjoying local Paraguayan Cuisine!

Many people have asked us how our missionary, Alex, is doing.  It is tough to be far from home when something like this happens.  I have wanted Alex to be able to feel a part of this experience we are going through as a family...feeling the closeness, love and comfort we have felt and yet I want him to stay focused on the Lord's seems like a fine line to walk and I'm not sure how to keep a balance between the two.  I guess this is another thing I will just have to turn over to the Lord.  He knows EXACTLY what Alex needs and it will be through the Savior that this experience will be one that lifts Alex up instead of weighing him down.   I hope that this will  add to Alex's spiritual maturity and growth and that he will come to know the Savior in an even more personal way.  We have tried to keep him informed as to what is going on without panicking him or causing him undue worry.  He is AMAZINGLY calm and has an AWESOME attitude.  When he first got the news of his dad's brain tumor, he was shocked, but he said he knew that Heavenly Father would help him and that he would add his prayers to ours.  We have since had a chance to skype with him so that he could see his dad before the surgery and then again to let him know the pathology and diagnosis.  I am SO proud of the way he has handled this tough situation.  His letters home are still filled with news of his work with investigators and district meetings...he ends his letters with a message of faith and hope every time.   He is in EVERY prayer we say and we know that our Father in Heaven is watching over him and comforting him.  I trust that our Father in Heaven keep  Alex in his loving care and that this experience will help forge his faith into a power that is steadfast and immoveable. 

Here are a couple of excerpts from Alex's last letters...we LOVE our missionary and know he is being blessed!

July  16, 2012
Thanks as well for the update on dad. This is definitely a super scary part of my life.. I think that this is definitely my ¨change of challenges¨ The lord is putting me through the refiners fire right now for sure.. but it's all good, the first night when Greg called and told me what was up, I prayed like crazy and I got an AMAZING feeling of peace, and since then I haven't felt worried.  I just know whatever will happen it's in the hands of the lord.. I know that the lord has me on the mission right now for a reason, and that we are going to pass this problem with the help of the lord!! Thank you mom for the strength you are showing YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! I love you soooo much!! as well I love the family but mom and dad I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCHHHHHH your always in my prayers and the lord is with us in this moment, of this, I have no doubt. I love you all family, have a great week, let me know how everything is going.

July 23, 2012
I totally feel the same way you do mom, Just peaceful and tranquilo and I just have the faith that what happens, happens.. but you don't need to worry that I will get distracted from the work either, I know why I am out here and with the faith that our family has, it will all turn out good!! I love you family
Thanks for all your prayers, you guys as well are ALL in my prayers!! Good luck in this next week, and I am expecting to hear the news next week that dad is already running again!

How blessed we are to have the added faith and prayers of a missionary son to add to ours!!!  I think those prayers count extra in that Heavenly bank account...don't you??!!!

Where he got the local Paraguayan cuisine?


Katie said...

I love him.

Alexi Bullock Design said...

Alex!! I know that you probably can't read this, but it warms my heart to know that you have such an awesome eternal perspective. You are so awesome.

Wendy said...

We also pray daily for alex. But we know he is in our Heavenly Fathers arms, as his family is also. Love ya

Jennica said...

We love our little Ale, ale, alejandro! I pray for him every day too! So glad to hear that he is just as positive as the rest of the Bulls! :)

grammajill said...

I can't believe you're eating road kill, Oh yeah,you are on a mission!
Love the uplifting and encouraging words!!
Love to you all!