Saturday, July 14, 2012

Before Surgery

Here we are the night before surgery. Dad needed a little fresh air. The poor but amazing nurse Jacob had to take 10 minutes to get all the IV's and things switched over to Dad's chair and unfortunately we only ended up staying out there for...maybe 5 minutes?! Haha, it made for good picture taking and a little change of scenery. Dad had been laying in bed and turned on his side to look longingly (well at least longingly is the way Greg described it) at the sunset. After some coaxing Dad realized that WAS what he wanted to do...with a little help from his kids :) Dean is never one to make people go out of their way for him. If it would have been one of us (his kids) he would have just picked us up from the bed and grabbed the IV stand on our way out. This is finally our time to be able to be here for Dad after all of what he has done for us! I love it. Well, being able to help him, not him being helpless. I'm excited to blog about this. It will help me remember better everything that is happening and all of the miracles we are seeing. I seem to have a tendency to forget pretty quick. Anyways, enjoy the pictures. We are still figuring out exactly what we will be doing for the blog, but we are thinking it would be fun to just have all the siblings and mom be able to post themselves, each adding their own viewpoint and insight. Hopefully soon Dad will be able to add his own! What do you think? Well, here goes a first blog post.
I love you Dad. You truly are a man made of IRON! I can't wait for the anesthesia to wear off so you can get your fighting face on, put up your fists and show your brain who is boss! Loves. Sean.

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